2018 – Running Downtown with Largest Crowd

This is the sixth blog in a recollection of the past 10 years. Read the previous posts about the 20132014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 races. And be sure to Register Today for the 10th Annual race on March 5, 2022.

Connecting Families and Doctors

The 2018 Florence Forth event was the largest field of participants with over 1400 registered runners. With so many participants, the race raised $65,000 for the Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance. By 2018, the AE Alliance was working across the globe with medical institutions and other rare disease groups to continue pushing out information to help doctors and patients. We worked with Texas Children’s Hospital on an AE day event bringing families together to share their experiences. Our group also was involved in organizing symposiums and studies to continue the medical understanding of autoimmune encephalitis. Many steps forward thanks to the efforts of all who continue to support Florence Forth. Thank you!

The Purple Longsleeve shirts

One reason so many people signed up was because of the long-sleeve purple training shirt made possible by the support of Urban Durham Realty. Courtney James and her team of fantastic colleagues have been right with us in every year of Florence Forth! The purple long-sleeve shirts were very popular and are even still sought after today! Thank you Urban Durham Realty for the 10 years of support!

Running Downtown

The 10K course changed in 2018 to allow runners to experience the thrill of running Main Street through downtown, out to Golden Belt and returning back to Ninth Street. With One City Center still under construction and new businesses opening along Main Street, the race in 2018 allowed runners to experience the growing downtown. And the return trip may have had a slight headwind. Those that ran that year haven’t forgotten the strong westerly winds.

Custom Wood Finisher Medals

The new downtown course was captured on the custom wood medals created by Austin Automation. These medals are still some of my favorite from the ten years of the event. Read more about the how the awards were made.



2018 race results can be found here with both the event winners and links to all the finishers.