A Cape Moment with Nan Lujan

Three years ago Nan Lujan started running.  And she never quit.

This holiday we celebrate Nan in a new one-minute Cape Moment video.

RunBuds Inspire and Motivate

Nan has been powered in her cape moment by RunBuds.  The RunBuds are a group of amazing women who support and inspire each other as they seek to achieve personal running and fitness goals.

Over 500 women have participated during the past seven years. A new group starts January 11, 2016. The RunBuds are organized and hosted by Bull City Running Co. Consider registering for the RunBuds and create your own cape moment.

Share your Cape Moment

The Florence Forth Road Race is about cape moments. A cape moment is when you step up, no matter how big that step is.  A cape moment can be finding a way to not get knocked down, or as simple as getting back up.

We all have cape moments – helping others; overcoming illness; sharing a talent. For Leslie and Will McDow starting Florence Forth was a cape moment.

Tell us about your cape moment. Help inspire your community.