Connect with other Families

Join with other patients and families in Durham, NC at the AE Family Lunch on March 7, 2020.

Autoimmune encephalitis patients and their immediate families are invited to join the board of the Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance for an AE Family Lunch after the Florence Forth road race.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy a great meal, connect and share experiences, learn about the latest treatments, and discover strategies to make every day better. Preteens & teens can get creative and bond with peers in a specialized workshop aimed at patients ages 12 to 18. There’s something for everyone!

Additional Information

Lunch is free, sponsored by AE Alliance. Limited seating is available. We are finalizing the details for both the lunch & insights sessions. Look for more information soon.

If you have any questions about the family weekend, please contact Kimberley de Haseth at [email protected]

Register for the Lunch Here