Building Teams, Engaging Superheroes

FF14_1034The Florence Forth road race is more than a race. It’s a chance for the autoimmune encephalitis community to come together and change the trajectory of this disease.

Finding Our Inner Superhero

Florence Forth provides an opportunity to show we are all superheroes.  Registering and showing up to run on March 7th is a powerful sign of recovery and triumph.

Asking others to join you in the fight against AE can be your next “Cape Moment”. Last year, teams of superheroes — some with capes, some without — raised $16,000 to fight this disease.

If you want to learn more about forming a team, read yesterday’s blog post. If you have already formed a team, this post offers ideas to effectively engage your superheroes.

Strategies for Effective Team Fundraising

Now that you have your team ready to go, you’re probably wondering what to do. You may be nervous to ask family and friends to join and donate. You may be wondering who to contact first. Follow these simple steps to be on your way.

Step 1: Make the first donation. Everyone likes to join something that others have already joined. By being the first to donate, you are showing your commitment to the cause and your team.

Step 2: Send 5 emails to your closest family or friends. Be sure to include the link to your team site. These are the people who love you the most. They’ll give. This adds to the momentum of your team. When they do give, be sure to say, “Thank You!”

Step 3: Send 10-50 emails (your circle of close friends and family). By now you should have the email in top form, explaining how you are connected to the cause, describe how the money will be used (see below), make a direct ask for financial support, provide a link to your team page, and say thank you. The more you can personalize the emails, the better the results.

Step 4: Send emails to anyone else you can think of — co-workers, friends of friends, distant relatives, anyone in your address book. Don’t be shy now. You’re nearly there.

Step 5: Social Media. Spread the word on your social media sites. Tell them how close you are to meeting your goal. Share updates along the way. Create and post a short video with your phone. This is your chance to get creative.

Step 6: Keep at it. Provide occasional updates to your contacts, either through email or social media. Think about what you want want to here. What would motivate you to support your team? Don’t pester but be sure to remind people. Provide some deadlines to give.

Be Yourself; Be Creative; Stay Committed

Remember, you are doing this because you want to help others facing autoimmune encephalitis. Be yourself, be creative and stay committed. It’s a campaign, not a sprint. And,most of all, thank you for being a superhero.

Don’t forget, if you haven’t already, be sure to register for Florence Forth. Registering for the race is a separate process from creating a team.