Celebrating what is good about Halloween

We’ve just opened Florence Forth registration which means it is time for Halloween. Let’s celebrate what is good about Halloween. As part of being good, there’s a $5 off coupon for registration at the end.

Halloween is the first of many holidays during the Florence Forth registration season. During the next 18 weeks leading up to race day on March 3 there are no less than 10 holidays to be celebrated. Except for Fourth of July, we have the major holidays covered. We are going to do our best to celebrate each in our own Florence Forth way.

More than candy, costumes and scary movies

Scouring the internet provides many sites highlighting why Halloween deserves to be top of the holiday list including those dedicated to candy, scary movies, dressing up and of course great gifs. But there’s more than that to Halloween.

Halloween is a community event. In fact, you can’t do Halloween without your neighbors! These days we don’t have many opportunities to spend the evening with our family knocking on neighbor’s doors and engaging them in conversation.  Hopefully you say more than “trick or treat”. It’s a chance to ask our neighbors for candy. AND they give it away freely. In a world that too often feels isolated and lonely, it’s good to celebrate with our community.

Halloween offers us a time to pretend. We can wear capes or masks. We can be someone else for an evening, whether it’s a ghost, a goblin or your favorite pop star. You get to be who you want to be with friends and family. Have fun letting your imagination run wild, if only for a night.

For those who aren’t quite sure Halloween has what they want, it’s an optional holiday. Unlike Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can ignore Uncle Harry or the kids next door. At Halloween you have the option to turn out the lights and sit in the back room. Halloween is optional.

Florence Forth Inspired Halloween Ideas

Looking for a non-spooky way to carve your pumpkin? Create a Florence Forth pumpkin using this stencil. Or create a Good-O-latern with your own interpretation of doing good. We’d love to share pictures of your pumpkins that represent how you Florence Forth on Halloween. Tag your pictures with #FF-O-Latern on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Looking for a last minute costume idea? This blog post from 2 years ago describes how to make a cape which can be the basis for almost any costume.


Celebrating what is good with $5 off

Finally, as a special treat this Halloween, use coupon code “FF-O-Latern” for $5 off registration. This coupon code is only good until Nov 3, so don’t wait.

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