Empower Partners with Florence Forth

empower team photoA New Partnership with Empower Personalized Fitness

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Empower Personalized Fitness.  Empower is a locally owned and operated personalized fitness studio with locations in Durham and Raleigh.  Jessica, Ronda and the Empower Team have joined with Florence Forth to spread the word, increase registration and support the walkers, runners and racers.  You’ll see some of these Empower faces waiting to offer assistance at the end of this year’s Florence Forth.

Jessica Bottesch, co-owner of Empower, explains why they are partnering with Florence Forth, “Our vision is to Empower People and Communities to Lead Stronger, Healthier, Happier Lives and we strongly believe in and are excited to support the positive, proactive mission of the Florence Forth race.  Our first effort is to offer the Florence Forth community an incentive-based health challenge to help us all through the frenetic-paced, holiday-party laden months ahead.”

Healthy Holiday Checklist

Empower has created a Healthy Holiday Checklist. The checklist provides 14 different activities across three different challenge areas: fitness, nutrition and stress management. Who doesn’t face a holiday challenge in one or more of those areas?

I encourage you to start now preparing for the Holidays, not by rushing out to be first in line on Black Friday, but by participating in some items on the Healthy Holiday Checklist.  Start checking the boxes this Saturday, November 1st.