Enter the Cape Contest

Announcing the first ever Florence Forth Cape Contest.

Submit your entry by Sunday, February 19th.

The rules are simple. 1) Create a cape that you can wear at the Start/Finish line on race day. 2) You must be entered to run Florence Forth. 3) Submit your entry below. You don’t have to run in the cape but that is encouraged.

Starting on Feb 21st, we will display all entries on the webpage and allow everyone to vote. A winner will be announced at the start of the race.

You may buy a cape and add a design to it. Or find a pattern online to create your own design. There are even no-sew cape patterns like this one on the Jolly Mom blog.

Submit your cape entry below by Sunday February 19th. And remember to tell your friends to start voting on Tuesday Feb 21th.

Cape Contest Entry

  • Name your cape. This could simply be your name (i.e. McDow Cape) or a fun descriptor. [50 character limit]
  • Accepted file types: jpg.
    Upload one image of your cape. This can be a picture of you wearing it or just the cape. You choose the best way to display your cape. [Must be a jpg file]
  • This will only be used to contact you about your entry.
  • This will only be used to contract you about your entry.
    You must be registered for Florence Forth to have your cape included in the voting.