Locally-made Finisher’s Medals and Age Group Awards

Finisher’s medal

Again this year, all Florence Forth finishers will receive a custom-made medal. This year’s medals are locally made, hand finished and tied off with a purple ribbon. The medals depict the caped runner traversing the downtown Durham skyline, celebrating the new Florence Forth 10K course.

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The finisher’s medal is made from American cherry with an MDF core that is 3″x3″x3/8″. The medals were engraved using a ShopBot CNC tool (see picture at bottom). Based on a graphic design, a computer controls the engraving tool. The machine calculates the required depth to engrave and keeps the 60 degree v-bit between the border of the fonts and shapes. ShopBot machines create engraved designs with incredible precision and beauty.Read more below on the process and the local, family business Austin Automation that created the medals.

Thank you Genworth for sponsoring Florence Forth and this year’s awards.

Age Group Awards

This year’s age group awards will truly stand out. All 2018 Florence Forth age group winners will receive a locally-made wood statuette of the caped runner girl running on a wood block engraved with the downtown Durham skyline.

The age group award trophy was created with the same process as the finisher’s medals. The awards are made from solid and sustainable bamboo that is 4″x4″x4″. The base and caped runner are made separately then fitted together. The trophy’s are finished with a coat of danish oil.You’ll want to train a little extra for one of these.

Thank You Austin Automation

Austin Automation is a Durham-based family business with Sarah (App State Industrial Design major), Bryan (Cresset Christian Academy junior and Robotics team pro), Pattye (homemaker/artist) and Christopher (cnc robotics consultant and fabricator) all working on the Florence Forth awards.

Chris was the first full time employee at Durham-based ShopBot Tools over 20 years ago. He continues to work part time for ShopBot while also running his own consulting and design firm. ShopBot is a leader in CNC tools that use computer to control a 3-D cutter to create virtually any shape or design with repeatable precision.

For more information on CNC tools or to discuss a project idea, email Austin Automation.