Packet Pickup and Race Day Logistics

This blog provides information on Packet Pickup and Race Day logistics. See below for more on:

  1. Packet Pickup (bibs and shirts)
  2. Parking Information
  3. Long Sleeve Trainers
  4. Start and Course Logistics

Both the 5K and 10K start at 8:00 am on Saturday March 3rd. See the full schedule of events.

Packet Pickup

Runners and walkers may pickup their bibs and shirts on Friday afternoon and Saturday (race day) morning.

  • Friday Packet Pickup is moving back to the Hilton Garden Inn at 2102 W. Main Street, Durham. Friday packet pickup is open from 3pm to 7pm. Participants can pickup race shirts and race bib. On-sight registration will be available while space remains for the 10K or 5K.
  • Race Day (Saturday) Packet Pickup will be at the start/finish area on Ninth Street, Durham from 6:30am until 7:45am. Participants can pickup race shirts and race bib. On-sight registration will be available while space remains for the 10K or 5K.

Race Day Parking

Two parking areas will be available for Florence Forth participants: 1) Duke University surface lot on Hillsborough Street and 2) Erwin Square parking deck on Rutherford Street. Both are shown in green on the parking map. NOTE: NO race parking in the Harris Teeter parking lot.

Long sleeve Trainers

If you registered in November during the long sleeve trainer give away, please pick up your shirt at Friday or Saturday packet pickup. Any shirts not collected by the start of the race will be offered for sale immediately after the race.

Unclaimed long sleeve trainers will be for sale for $10 after the race.


Run the Race Distance on your Bib

Bib transfers and switching of races cannot be accommodated at this point.  Your bib has a chip that is programmed for the race you registered.  Switching races (especially from the 10K to the 5K) will result in disqualification. Please help us by not switching races.


Race Course Logistics

FF15_0327Lining up:  Look for pacing signs when lining up. These signs will help runners line up at the appropriate place for your expected race pace. There are no race pacers running the course.

Kids: We have many kids registered, which is awesome!  Parents, please have your kids start behind the competitive racers.  Florence Forth is the 10K State Championship and we expect some very fast runners at the front.   We want to avoid dangerous situations if a kid stops suddenly.

Be Aware, course splits: The 10K and 5K courses start together and then split after the 2-mile aid station.  5K runners turn right onto Main Street. 10K runners turn left onto Main Street. Volunteers will be in the street prior to the intersection to alert you.  DON’T MISS YOUR TURN!

Dogs, Scooters and Baby Joggers: While we love our own dogs and know you love yours, dogs and other animals are not permitted on the race course or the post-race celebration. Similarly, scooters, rollerblades and other wheeled things should not be on the course. The exception is that baby joggers are allowed to start at the back of the race.

Water & Aid Stations

10K course will have two aid stations, one near the 2 mile and 4 mile marks.   The front table will have water while the second table will have Powerade.

5K course will have one aid station near the 2 mile mark.  This station is shared with the 10K course.

FF15_0475Port-A-John will be located just before the 2 mile aid station on the right side of the road at the intersection Watts St & Dacian Ave.

Minimum Pace

To ensure all participants reach the finish line by 9:30am, a minimum pace of 15 minutes per mile will be enforced in the 10K.  A minimum pace of 30 minutes per mile will be enforced in the 5K.  A trailing bike rider (10K) and walker (5K) will maintain this pace.  Participants who fall behind these pace times will be asked to move off the road and use sidewalks. The road will reopen to traffic at this point.