Racing to the Alter

A Pre-Wedding Run with Friends

Some brides might want to spend the morning before their wedding sleeping in, or maybe at the spa. But Heather Wiggins and her fiancée, Juan Carlos Suarez Serrato, will be running in the Florence Forth road race. And many of their family and friends who are in town will also be running to celebrate them.

The Next Adventure

Heather-and-Juan_scubaFor those who know Heather and Juan Carlos, this isn’t a surprise – when given a choice, they always pick adventure. The daring duo have scuba dived among sharks on the shipwrecks off the North Carolina coast, climbed Macchu Picchu together in Peru, and explored Mayan ruins in the jungles of Guatemala with machete-wielding guides.  Florence Forth – and marriage – are just the next step for this adventure-loving couple!

When I asked Heather why she chose to include Florence Forth in her wedding weekend celebration, she said “We wanted to be able to get outside, go see Durham, be part of the community and have fun.” She further explained that she and Juan Carlos recently started running together because they want to improve their health as a family. Florence Forth will be their second 5k ever!

Donuts and Mimosas

Mimosas and donutsThe race will also help Heather and Juan Carlos celebrate a tradition with their friends from out of town, coming from as far as Mexico, Texas, and San Francisco. When Heather used to attend some of her running friends’ races in San Francisco, she would always bring donuts and mimosas to the finish line. They’ll be doing the same after Florence Forth, inviting all of their out of town guests for some celebratory post-race refreshments. Heather joked that the race is “Just an excuse to get donuts and mimosas.”

Best Wishes

So this Saturday, be on the lookout for the woman in the veil and man wearing a tuxedo t-shirt, and be sure to cheer extra loud for Heather and Juan Carlos!

We wish you a lifetime of adventure and many more races together!

If you want to run along side Heather and Juan Carlos or anyone else at Florence Forth, you can still register at packet pickup (as long as bibs remain).