Remembering the 2016 Florence Forth Race

This is the fourth blog in a recollection of the past 10 years. Read about the 2013, 2014 and 2015 races. And be sure to Register Today for the 10th Annual race on March 5, 2022.

The Fourth annual Florence Forth  was held on March 5, 2016. We had over 1000 participants, 50 police officers and 110 volunteers. In 2016, Florence Forth was named the Best 10K and Best 5K in the Triangle, a title we kept until Endurance Magazine retired their Best Of series several years later.  Merge Records, a regular Florence Forth sponsor, created a Spotify playlist for the race. You can still access it here.  And Florence Forth was even the pre-nuptial road race for Heather and Juan Carlos, who invited their wedding party and friends to join them at Florence Forth before getting married later that day. Congrats Heather and Juan Carlos!


In 2016, Florence Forth raised more than $50,000 that was used by the Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance to support the first ever research study conducted on AE patients at the Mayo Clinic! You may not know that teams across the country fundraise for this race. Mainly these teams are comprised of families struggling with AE. You can Read the final blog posts to see which teams raised the most money and who had the largest participation. 100% of the Florence Forth proceeds go to the AE Alliance, a 501c3 nonprofit.

2016 was like most other Florence Forth’s; it was cold. This year, it was so cold while we were setting up that the police offered to call in the City of Durham salt trucks in treat ice on the race route. At the end, we changed the route slightly to avoid the ice but I’ve always relished knowing the power of a race director to call in a “salt strike” if needed. I hope we’ll never see another race that cold.

In 2016, we created a short 30 second video capturing the spirit of Florence Forth. It brings back memories and showcases the energy of the event. Watch below.