Cape Moments Should be Celebrated

The Florence Forth road race is a celebration of overcoming struggles and making things better. It is the response of one family to the loss of their daughter.  Florence and others with autoimmune encephalitis inspired a community to start a movement to cure a rare disease.

Florence Forth is about Cape Moments. What is a Cape Moment?  A cape moment is when you step up, no matter how big that step is.  A cape moment can be finding a way to not get knocked down, or as simple as getting back up.

Your cape moment may involve autoimmune encephalitis or some other health concern.  It may be overcoming the loss of a friend or family member.  Or you may have survived through tough economic times.  We all have cape moments.  Let’s celebrate them!

Some Cape Moments are deeply private. Others we want to share with the world.  If you have a Cape Moment to share, we want to celebrate with you. Submit your Cape Moment to share with the Florence Forth community.

View this short video to see how Florence inspired a movement.  Then register to race / run / walk Florence Forth on March 5, 2022.