The Start of Florence Forth

SuperFlorenceOur daughter Florence was sick with autoimmune encephalitis (AE) for four years. Running was our outlet for the stress, emotion and weight of a sick child. When Florence died on March 4th, 2012 from complications associated with AE, we knew running would be part of our healing.

We later came to recognize that March 4th is the only day of the year that is also a command – March Forth! For the first time in forty years, we heard the words “March Fourth” as a charge to accelerate the search for a cure, to improve clinical care and to form a community of collaboration and concern around AE.

Because Florence handled this disease with grace and courage, we came up with the term Florence Forth. The words represent all we hope to accomplish with the Florence Forth road race… to move outward, to bring into view, to help families dealing with Autoimmune Encephalitis.


Come Florence Forth on March 1, 2014

Florence Forth helps advance the treatment and care of autoimmune encephalitis so no one faces the disease alone.
Florence Forth is a community of friends, doctors, caregivers, families, businesses, churches, and non-profits believing we can make a difference.
Florence Forth are runners like you, who want a good, competitive race on a challenging course showcasing our hometown of Durham, NC.
Florence Forth offers great shirts, locally made awards and cash prizes.
Florence Forth, because we don’t want another family facing this disease alone and worrying about the health of their loved one.


Register today and join us on Saturday March 1, 2014. Until then, Florence Forth!