Tuesday Team Update: Groundhogs edition, here we go again.

Tuesday Team Update

All proceeds from Florence Forth support the Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance.  The Team Fundraising Challenge provides a major source of Florence Forth proceeds.  With just over 4 weeks until Florence forth, here’s your Tuesday Team Update. Find out which teams are leading and which are gaining.

On race day, we’ll recognize the leaders in two team categories: Team fundraising and largest team.

Fundraising Leaders

With just over four weeks remaining, this year’s teams have raised more than $12,000.  We now have 17 teams in the mix. To create a team or support an existing team, visit the Florence Forth team page.  For help creating a team, see an earlier blog post.

This week’s picture goes back to Owl Power! for really expanding their lead.  A close second and mention worthy is Lauren’s Angels who jumped from 7th to 3rd.

  1. Owl Power! (pictured on right)
  2. Brains on Fire / Capes on Fire
  3. Lauren’s Angels
  4. Erin’s Miracle Milers
  5. Team Fall Risk
  6. Team Sasha
  7. Team Rory
  8. Luke for Duke
  9. Florence’s Dozens of Cousins
  10. Katie’s Teratoma Tornadoes

A huge thanks to all the teams. Not listed here, see where you rank.  Want to see your team at the top, we have some ideas for you!

Largest Teams

For the largest team, we’ll tabulate the number of registered runners who have indicated the same group name during registration.  Many teams remain in the hunt for Largest Team.  The “Goff Family” team is this week’s big jumper with the “Jassy Divas” breaking the top 10 for the first time this week.  This weeks leaders are:

1. RunBuds
2. Triangle United
3. Dozens of Cousins
4. Goff Family
5. Duke CE
(T) PigPickers
7.  Fall Risk
8. First Presbyterian Durham
9. Couchto10KMoms
(T) Jassy Divas

Thank you to everyone who has registered for Florence Forth and / or donated to a team!!