Tuesday Team Update

Florence Forth provides an opportunity to show we are all superheroes.  Registering and showing up to run on March 5th is a powerful sign of recovery and triumph.

Some superheroes work alone. Others in pairs or small groups.  Still others are called together to form teams. Each Tuesday, we dedicate a blog to these teams. With just 11 days remaining before the race we celebrate the current leaders in fundraising and largest team categories.

Fundraising Leaderboard

All proceeds from Florence Forth support the Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance.  The Team Fundraising Challenge provides a significant portion of Florence Forth proceeds. Consider joining an existing team or form your own.

With just 11 days until Florence Forth, here’s your Tuesday Team Update. Team Fall Risk was the big mover this week jumping to first place and gaining the blog picture. Earning an honorable mention is Charlotte’s Web, jumping into the top 10 at #5. This week’s top 10 are:

  1. Team Fall Risk
  2. Luke for Duke
  3. Lauren’s Angels
  4. #Miles4Rory
  5. Charlotte’s Web
  6. Erin’s Miracle Milers
  7. Dozens of Cousins
  8. Team Lawrence
  9. Team Maloney Baloney CAT
  10. Madison Fights the Madness

A huge thanks to all the teams. Want to see your team at the top? We have some ideas for you!

Largest Team Leaderboard

For the largest team, we tabulate the number of registered runners who have indicated the same group name during registration.  Charlotte’s Web and Duke Children’s are this week’s big movers.  #NestorStrong Runbuds has built a commanding lead with 61 registered runners. That’s a lot of superheroes! Read about Nestor and the origin of #NestorStrong in a recent Cape Moment blog post.

FF13_0130_groupOnline registration closes next Wednesday, March 2nd. Make sure your team members are registered. This weeks leaders are:

  1. #NestorStrong Runbuds
  2. Duke CE
  3. Pig Pickers
  4. #LukaTheLion
  5. Charlotte’s Web
  6. Duke Children’s
  7. Fall Risk
  8. Bull City Track Club
  9. Dozens of Cousins
  10. George Watts Elementary School

Thank you to everyone who has registered for Florence Forth and / or donated to a team!!