Volunteers Make Florence Forth Possible

120 Volunteers Needed

FF14_1073Florence Forth requires a community of volunteers, both individuals and groups ranging in size from 2 to 20.   A range of race day volunteer opportunities are available.  Volunteer to help set-up, assist with parking, direct runners along the course, or serve finish line refreshments.  A description of volunteer opportunities are available.

Parents can volunteer with age appropriate children.  Couples and friends can be placed together or near each other. Varying time commitments and physical requirements can be accommodated.  Volunteering is something anyone can do.

Have a group that wants to volunteer?  Florence Forth has two aid stations that require groups of 10-20 people each.  Other groups may want to form a cheer section at key points along the course.  Cheer sections are particularly great for groups with elementary age kids.

Signup to Volunteer

FF14_0512The first 40 ALL volunteers will be given a Florence Forth beanie.  To signup, use the online form and indicate your volunteer preferences.  We will assign volunteers about 10 days before the race and notify everyone of their assignments.  If you have questions about volunteering, email Leslie McDow.

Thank you for being part of the Florence Forth team.  Volunteers help make Florence Forth an amazing race in so many ways!

Volunteer Signup